Where’s Alice?

May 2 – June 8, 2019

Exhibition opening: Saturday May 4, 2-4pm 

Simon Cuthbert makes photographs that reverberate across a spectrum of long established photographic genre. With an eye honed by the rigours of museum collections documentation, his day job, his work provides an important challenge to notions of Heritage- the white bread miasma that is Brand Tasmania.

Over twenty years Cuthbert has refined an extraordinary visual archive detailing humans desire to create structures that provide shelter and comfort, utility and efficiency. Part portrait and indexical document, part social commentary and part elegy Cuthbert toys with the viewers habituated knowledge systems of the built environment. This is the true Nature of the twenty-first century world not the artificially sequestered wildernesses so dear to Romantics. In the supposed “non-places” of the suburbs, the roadside layover or desperate barren paddocks we encounter ambitious invention, wilful individuation or entropic approximations of such. What is striking about Cuthbert’s archival vision is a palpable sympathy for the subject matter.

A Cuthbert leitmotif is an insistent compositional isolation that enhances the forensic incremental detail provided by the lens but also elevates what are essentially architectural studies into the genre of portraiture. Here in these terrains it is difficult not to anthropomorphise- sometimes ‘Cuthbert’s’ structures stand resolute, sometimes stagger against all odds, where simple survival is in itself heroic. Of late this sensibility has become much keener indeed much more mature.

Craig Judd August 2017

Small Universes

May 2 - June 8, 2019

Exhibition opening: Saturday May 4, 2-4pm

“Understand that you are another world in miniature, and that you are the Sun the Moon and also the Stars”.

This quote, by the 1stcentury theology scholar Origen, is the inspiration for a 12 month journey by Melbourne based photographer Brett Florence into the conceptual ‘miniature’ world.

The exhibition is a collection of images that explore the relationship between photo-fact and science-fiction. A blur between realistic reportage and an intra-stellar odyssey into Small Universes